Sakiyah D and Naomi Hawksley

A conversation between Sakiyah, YAB member/mentee, and Naomi, mentor.

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Sakiyah D

Naomi: What does your work and your practice look/sound/move like?

Sakiyah: I'd Have to say my work is very personal. I always try to input my desires to have peace and control over the subject of photography. But if I'm unable to control what I'm photographing I'll try to make people see it through my eyes with my camera.


Naomi: What does your practice offer you that you can’t find anywhere else?

Sakiyah: A certain type of peace and control if I can control what I'm doing and what I'm creating I feel this surge of peace that calms me. 


Naomi: Is there an artwork you’ve encountered in your life that really spoke to you? What about it did you enjoy?




Sakiyah: There's only one thing that really was able to stay with me my whole life and that was the sun and the moon poem. ““Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much he died every night just to let her breath.” She asked. Then there was the Moon. ... As the Sun grew weary and began to disappear she would rise into the sky, flanked by millions of stars”-google Something that stood out to me was the power of the one sentenc  and this whole story was that you could easily take for granted to listen it's trying to teach you and just think of it as a tall tale or you could look and see the meaning behind the story and  this story could be interpreted in so many different ways cuz over the years in different parts of my life I have took in this story and different types of ways depending on the situation I'm in. 

Naomi: When you feel like you're not doing your best, how do you bring yourself back up? 

Sakiyah: I like to take a small step back from myself and any project I’m working on and reevaluate how I’m relating myself to it. If I’m bummed working on a project or moving through the world, I try to find a new way to make it exciting -- maybe listening to a new song on my walk to work, or counting the number of squirrels I see. It’s kind of small, but I feel like those actions are enough to reinvigorate me!






































Sakiyah: What do you see or feel when you work?

Naomi: My work acts as a kind of meditative escape, so most of the time nothing. When conceiving of drawings though, I imagine myself walking through the worlds I typically create. I like to think what cute creatures I might find that are just left of center, and them interacting with one another. 


Sakiyah: What are three things that inspire you to keep going? 

I love, love, LOVE the friendships that come with making things, the feeling of completing a task, and the endless lines of questioning that having a creative practice lets you explore.


























Sakiyah: How do you express yourself in your work ?

Naomi: When I’m drawing, I let my brain go wherever it wants, so the end product tends to bring any issues burning in the back of my brain into the fore. I also appreciate a slow, magical voyage and I think that my drawings bring that to people (myself included) no matter where or how they’re looking at them.



Sakiyah is an incoming sophmore in high school and Naomi Hawksley is currently a printmedia
and drawing student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. For more of ANomi's art visit her website.


Sakiyah D

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Naomi Hawksley


Naomi Hawksley