Portfolio Spotlight: Judea Cantara

My name is Judea Crimson Cantara, and I am an 18-year-old Filipina-American from San Francisco. I create art as a means to represent my identity, reflect on my struggles and relate to others in an indirect way. I use photography as my primary medium because I feel that it conveys my vision most effectively. I produced these works while considering themes of identity, home, and personal conflict. I am compelled with the idea of juxtaposing different concepts together, literally or metaphorically. My artistic process involves developing ideas that I believe need to be expressed, manifesting those thoughts through an image and editing it with a few photo editing applications. I enjoy the creative process because I do a lot of self-reflection during this time. I use my phone camera for most of my images because I like capturing them in a simple, direct manner, without much setup beforehand, and this camera is easy to access and carry around with me.