by: Felix Quintana

Google Street View Studio

1.    Spend 30-45 minutes exploring or taking a “cruise” through Google Street View.

2.     Create a screenshot of one of the following:
·     A place you have lived in / a school you have attended / somewhere you've worked at
·     Your favorite outdoor / green space
·     A place you’d like to go (anywhere in the world!)
·     A place that is meaningful or inspiring for you 3.    Based on your findings, create one of the following inspired by your “digital capture”
·     Zoom in on an interesting segment in the frame, and create a “photorealistic” drawing using whatever you have, to your best ability. For example, it could be a flower pot, person walking down the street, or interesting tree.
·     Create an abstract color composition using line, shape, language, inspired by the formal qualities of your image. For example, try to mimic any outstanding forms you see in your chosen image, whether it’s architecture, the sky, or people moving on the street.
·     If you have access to a printer, paper, and scissors, print out your photo three times in black and white, and create a handmade photo-collage. See the collage work of Romare Bearden for inspiration. You can also print out different images to make your photo-collage more interesting and layered. You may also use mixed media approaches to your images, such as painting, drawing, embroidery, etc.
·     If you have access to Photoshop or similar program, choose two images from your "digital captures", preferably your “meaningful place” and “somewhere you’d like to go”. Create a “double exposure” by layering your images and using the opacity tool. Designate one image as your “background” and the other as your “foreground”. Adjust your opacity on your “foreground” image until you find an interesting layering effect. You can also use “blending modes” to create interesting effects in your composition.·     


Is there anything else you can do with these images? Feel free to think on how you can use this tool in favorite art practice, whether it’s painting, writing poetry, or performance. Share any special approaches you may find!