Portfolio Spotlight: George Tilton-Low

My sculpture reflects my passion for history, math, and science. I’m fascinated with the history of the materials, their varied uses, and exploring what is possible. The pieces are about experimenting with ideas, concepts and media. I work primarily in metal and stoneware, but my portfolio also includes laser-cut acrylics, 3D-printed plastic, and wood. Technical excellence matters to me and I have formally studied welding, blacksmithing, and ceramics since 2015. In my work, I explore two main premises: first, how art interacts and overlaps with the disciplines of history, science, and math, and second, how art can be used to build community. This range of inspiration reflects my background and interests as an Australian-American of Chinese and Scottish descent and a student of biochemistry, history, and art. Starting with a concept, I create sketches and the process may then take a few days or more than a year. I invoked Qin Dynasty terracotta warriors in a sculpture of an 1812 French cavalryman. I turned Second World War anti-tank barricades into welded installations and modern social commentaries. I combined elements of geometry and mathematical analysis with European history to form an image of current research in molecular biology. As part of my artistic practice, I ultimately seek to build on my foundation to push boundaries and create my own concept of contemporary sculpture. --George 

The Atlantic Wall
One Red Sprinkle
Ruins of an Empire
Cupurous Sunset
Six Iterations of the Hilbert Curve in Birch