Cultural artefact inventory:

by Rochelle Youk

Pick a crafted object in your environment. A crafted object is anything made with technical skill by hand or with a specifically designed machine.


Observe its basic attributes: shape, size, materials, manufacturing process, color, patterning, use, effect on environment, etc.


As far as you know, can any of the attributes observed be associated with a cultural tradition of any kind, modern or historical? E.g.: a National holiday, folkcraft practice, ethnic patterning, ceremonial use, etc.


How do you relate to this tradition? Is it familiar, unfamiliar? Something you practice, something you have never thought about? 


Pick a unique attribute that you observed earlier and do a google/wikipedia search. Perhaps choose an attribute that you are unfamiliar with or curious about. 


Did you learn anything surprising? 


Does the history link back to a specific culture or cultures? Was there a known transfer of information or flow of influence between separate cultures?


After learning more about the object, how do you feel thinking about it through a historical cultural lens? E.g.: Comfort, discomfort, fear, guilt, anger, joy, surprise, resignation, indignation, curiosity, pride, etc.


How would you respond artistically in a way that points to the history of the object?


Rochelle Youk

changho no 2, plywood

plywood, 24” x 24”